Family June 2012_25_DxO
                                                                                             Karekare ~ May 2012

We are a family passionate about living for others and not just ourselves.
This includes engaging with those around us in face-to-face interactions, being involved in online fora, sharing our library, running food co-ops, volunteering in various capacities…..and it includes doing things for others we don’t know too.

Each year our church participates in a special “self-denial” offering for the work of tranzsend – we have done various things to deny ourselves and save some money to donate. Some years we have eaten only rice for a day – this year we spent a few days living on UN refugee rations.
The kids won’t forget *that* in a hurry.

We sponsor children in Togo.

We’ve sponsored some books too – yes, really. Big Brother Mouse is an organisation devoted to making fun and educational reading materials accessible to the people of Laos. They need monetary help and one way you can give is by sponsoring a book. We raised money for our first sponsored book by holding a silent auction at which we sold lots of junk and homemade preserves and fizzing sherbet and handmade cards, and we did our First Ever Fundraising Walk.
We didn’t just get to sponsor the books – when we took a trip in 2008, we made sure we stopped in Luang Prabang and worked with BBM for a few days and experienced what was perhaps the most memorable day of our whole 15-month-long trip, attending a Book Party. Sponsoring that party came from a bulk order of flower presses the children made and sold.

We set goals that reflect our desires. One that we are steadily working on is to lend to someone in every country that Kiva works in. Each month we make another loan or two, and slowly we are making our way round the world.

When we did our first fundraising walk, the children were as young as two years. But by the time the baby was eight she walked over 1,000km across Spain raising money for charity: water.
When we did the first walk, we had no idea it would be the beginning of something that would grow. We were just doing the little bit that we could manage right then. Be faithful in the little things! Those little things end up becoming your story.

PS In the next chapter of our story, the mama took part in Oxfam’s Trailwalker 2015….then she and Daddy took another walk from Porto to Santiago to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary….in the same year the refugee crisis exploded and blanket-making became a big focus for us as OTHERS had to walk…..next up will be an educational walk for the four youngest children (who will be 9-15 at the time) from Seville in the south of Spain to Santiago in the north. About 1,000km again.  As we walk, we’ll be highlighting the endeavours of Big Brother Mouse in Laos.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there
    I am from Auckland and also live near Ruapehu in central north island and will be starting the Camino on May 21st 2014. Would be nice to meet up with you in Auckland some time if you have the time
    02 11 55 55 98

    • Hi Martyn
      Do you have any plans for being up in Auckland? We only have six weeks until we leave and the calendar is filling, but we could see if we can fit in a time that would work for you.

  2. Fellow Kiwi here. I’ll be walking the Camino starting the 1st of September before I return to NZ after living abroad in Canada for 2 years. Looking forward to following along your journey!

    • What a great time to walk – we started our first walk on September 7th and our lasting memory is of wonderful fruits – blackberries and grapes and watermelons and plums and nuts, but especially the blackberries. Enjoy!

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