Trying another post

Is the phone not working or is the new blog not working? Trying a post on this old blog to see….


8 thoughts on “Trying another post

    • No idea about the ads – I’ll have to take a look and see what’s happening. Possibly WordPress trying to convince me to buy some services to eliminate ads!

  1. Except for the ads, it looks great! Can’t wait to see your newest adventure! Following might be harder, if I’m reading the dates correctly, as I may be walking myself. Been Camino a todo!

  2. I got both posts but not sure of your dates as I could not really see any details. If you’re coming all the way to Spain again I will take it very badly if you do not visit us in Istanbul this time!😊

    • Lin, it’s time to start pouting! Rob has only got a month which is just time to do a particular trail the kids loved but he missed out on (through the mountains). I will be going up alone before Rob and the kids (youngest three only) to do my First Ever solo camino.
      We need to take a year off again!

  3. Really glad to get this post and to hear that you are planning a new adventure.. Hope I get to read about it

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