We’ve been home a week. 

 We no longer need to go to bed at 7pm.
We are reading every day.

We still go walking.

 It is just as cold as many of the days we started out in Spain. Which is to say it is freezing. There will not, however, be heatwaves in the high thirties!But there are blue skies and water underfoot.

We are still climbing hills.

 We are still fascinated by shadows (and loving being with friends).

 We are loving having Daddy around. 

 We are still seeing sunrises (but at 7:30 instead of 5:30!!)

 We are eating Santiago tart….

 (….and olives and cheeses and pimientos and membrillo and thick hot chocolate with family and friends)

And we are grateful.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Looks like it is very nice to be home with rest of family and friends. Looks like I’ll be having my second crack at the Camino in September. Your blog has helped me make up my mind. Not as adventurous as you. I’ll be doing the Frances again. Mind you I still haven’t booked flights!

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