29 June: To Guangzhou 

 Three flights down and one to go!

The pilot of the last one had a great sense of hum our: “This is your pilot speaking. The good news is we have one of the strongest tail winds ever and flight time will be forty minutes shorter than usual. The bad news is right now the control tower staff are on strike so we will have to sit here on the tarmac for forty minutes. So basically there is no news.”

He went on to deliver a very smooth flight until landing time. He warned us we were about to enter a thunderstorm and even when we were only meters from the ground the plane was being buffered from side to side and when we touched down it felt like we were swerving to avoid pandas or something on the runway. Once the passengers were confident we were going to arrive in one piece, most of them started clapping!

Now we’re off to our favourite spot on the floor to have a lying-down-sleep for a few hours before the last leg. Hopefully the thunderstorm will blow itself out. Can’t wait to get home now!


One thought on “29 June: To Guangzhou 

  1. Once you are on that last leg you can really start getting excited. Such an anti-climactic drag after the daily routine. Hope the cheese makes it safely! God bless.

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