28 June: Madrid to Paris

 Sleep in.

Pack bags.

Supermarket trip.

Stagger to train station. Last hot walk!

Airport. Food and clothes that need washing checked through to Auckland.

Homeward bound.

By the way, we didn’t buy frozen chicken at the supermarket! But there is a story behind the picture. We wanted to take cheese home, and in order to keep it cool we like to freeze a bottle of water. Problem: not enough time in Madrid for it to freeze. Solution: ask friend to do it for us ahead of time. Problem: he/we forgot about it last night. Solution: we bought a plastic cocoa container, emptied it, refilled it with chunks of ice and some chilled water, and super taped it…….then hoofed it to the supermarket. While Tessa hid our freezer pack under the chicken we disappeared to choose cheese! Having  picked out chunks to fill our scavenged polystyrene box, we bought ourselves an extra hour by asking if our cheeses could be put in the cooler while we completed our shopping (olives, chocolate drink mix, salted sunflower seeds – the kids have picked up the Spanish addiction! – snacks for our Chinese layover, lunch, dinner). This sounds a simple enough request, but it led to all kinds of misunderstandings about wanting to buy meat and leaving it on the shelf for four hours and  in the end the very helpful fish counter man found someone who spoke English!  She took me straight to the walk-in cooler and our box chilled out there while we bought and packed everything else. Eventually we had to rescue the cocoa container and were delighted to discover it was solid!! We were less than delighted two hours later to find the box getting soggy at one corner, but we just popped it in another scavenged bag, taped it up, checked it through and are hoping for the best!


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