27 June: Santiago to Madrid

After churros with Giuliano we said our final Camino farewell.
Then we started for home….on foot 

 …by bus….

 ….by plane….

 ….by train…..

 34 degrees in Madrid. YAY. We realised this Camino will be remembered as a wet and cold one (a quarter of the walking days were wet, most days started between 7 and 12 degrees which is nippy enough for gloves) with a handful of uncomfortably hot days thrown in. The time The Guys spent with us was the most settled weather and we were pleased for them! 

 We spent a rich hour in the Prado. I only had to send one huffing sighing have-you-seen-enough-yet-mum child to stand by a pillar so I could enjoy without the background performance! 
 Heading to the hostel….Madrid is such a grand city.

 We threw together a salad and our old friend Alberto from the Camino Primitivo, who lives just around the corner, brought tabouli and tortilla de patatas that he had made. With a celebratory Santiago tart, it made a great last dinner.
Last night in a dormitory. But we can feel we are getting closer to home – there are sheets on the bunks!


2 thoughts on “27 June: Santiago to Madrid

  1. Ahhh as I read this…I’m thinking you may already be home!! Thanks so much for once again doing such an amazing job of sharing your wonderful family and your adventures!!

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