25 June: Santiago holiday

There is something delicious about holidays – complete relaxation mixed with the possibility a little adventure might happen. 

 We’ll only be in Spain for a few more days so after a delightful sleep-in past sunrise we started the day with churros.

Wandering in to town we noticed a church we have often passed was open. Inside were some very descriptive 3-D sculpture-paintings of the crucifixion story:

 We lingered.

 We wandered on, and stopped to chat with Keef from South London who has been walking Europe since October 2011. He claims to have covered at least 47,000km so far and if the black lines on his map are anything to go by, he is surely telling the truth.
We met another man. Don’t know his name, but he was sharpening knives so I had my Opinel renewed for the princely sum of a euro.

The next man we met was Juan.

 He came bounding up the street with his trademark grin as we were sitting by a fountain listening to some beautiful busking. We had walked a few days with him and shared a few meals and a lot of laughs. He just arrived in Santiago this morning and was overjoyed to see us – two kisses on each cheek and a hug sort of overjoyed! 

 We did a spot of sketching too – Cervantes for me today.

And a spot of shopping. There will be another Camino blanket, this time based on the colours of the wildflowers of the Via de la Plata, made with recycled cotton, a bargain at one euro a ball.

We even did a spot of dumpster-diving! We need a cardboard box to put our scavenged polystyrene chilly bin in for transporting to Madrid and then home. Repurposing rocks!

Lunch was the highlight for the kids. I tried to convince them we could try a different eatery, but they wanted to maintain our tradition of going to Casa Manolo. So we did.

 Seafood chowder (because noodles with clams was not available today).

 Cute, yes? 

 Adult choice.


Dinner would be a much more modest affair:

 Summer fruit and yoghurt.

We spent an informative and interesting couple of hours at the ethnographic museum. It is housed in an ex-monastery and has the world’s only triple ramped spiral staircase.

 We got lost on it!!

The exhibits covered everything from social organisation to architecture, from music to book binding, from basket-making to nude paintings. 

 And a peek of the cathedral from the top of the stairs:

Tomorrow there will be more adventures, but don’t expect a blogpost at the usual time, because our invitation to adventure starts with dinner at 9pm!!! The blog post will be necessarily late!

Distance walked today: 15.7km


3 thoughts on “25 June: Santiago holiday

  1. Rachael, I still don’t know you but reading these blog posts is surely helping to give me some insight into the way you live life……your children are surely rich in the truest of senses!!

  2. The triple-start staircase is a real puzzler isn’t it? Sounds crazy but yes it is possible to get lost on it! (Great view of you find the one that goes all the way to the top). And nobody but nobody is going to believe that those brown legs belong to you! Thanks for all the gray blogs and a safe return to you all

  3. Very pleased that you do choose to keep photographing despite it being intrusive – your photos have been amazing!!

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