21 June: Castro Dozon to Silleda

“That’ll give you something to blog about, Mum,” Ella-Rose told me. 

“I already had something, but do you think I should write about that?”

“Well, I’m sure going to write about it in my journal!”

So I WILL put it on the blog. We had done 20km by 10:15 and were mighty pleased about it as the sun was starting to blaze fiercely. The jury is split on whether it is better to walk in the rain or the heat! As a bit of a mental diversion for the last 10km I asked, “How would you like it if I gave you each five euros and you had to buy all your food for the rest of the day?” Four kilometers sped by as plans and menus and schemes were discussed. The all-important question “Can we spend it any way we want?” was answered with,”Yes, and you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, but remember it has to last all day.”

These two decided to pool their money to get more bang for their buck….and were very proud to spend EXACTLY 10 euros! 

These two also went in together – you should have seen them all racing round the supermarket trying to decide how best to spend their money. This pair was not quite so successful and overspent by 80 cents so they had to forfeit something to that value!

Maybe I ought to have put a limit on the amount of sugar allowed to be consumed!! To be fair to the kids, they had much more healthy plans in place, but we ended up staying somewhere supposedly without a kitchen (I although when we got here it turned out to have one!) and so they stuck with bread, cheese and meat as their fill-me-up-staples and had a lot of money left to buy junk food!


What had I been planning on writing about? Today felt like the beginning of the end. 

When Santiago appears on the road signs, it really feels like we are near the end. And we are. Just one longish day (which turned out to be a bit over 30km and is now done) and then two more comfortable distances and we’ll be there. The Italian Snorer Pavrotti, who we spent last night with, will arrive tomorrow, but we are enjoying a slower pace now. Others who we walked with earlier – Digger and the two Italians – arrived today. On other caminos we have really savoured the last few days, not wanting the walking and the simplicity to end. This time we are all eager to finish. We are keen to get home. Sheets on beds and fluffy towels and non-communal showers and books and family and friends and fresh vegetables – we’re looking forward to all of these (and butter chicken and lasagne and curry). There are things we will miss – the adventure, speaking Spanish, walking with a backpack, cheap food, kids eager to get up at 5:30 and the sunrises…..like today’s. It was a treasure. We were up on top of a hill and a band of colour blending from pink to purple to blue and orange ringed the whole horizon. I have never seen anything like it.

 6am (that’s the moon, in case you’re wondering – above our albergue)






 7:01am facing the other way







And then the flies came out…

And Sophie and Vincent caught us up because we were taking so many photos!

And we kept walking, mostly through forests and fields and sometimes wet paths…

Distance: 33km Total Distance: 920km

This post is dedicated to Duarte from Portugal, who honoured me by chuckling when he read a few previous posts, and also mentioned there should be more photos!


5 thoughts on “21 June: Castro Dozon to Silleda

  1. Great post – what a shame it will all be coming to an end very soon. Loved the golden sunrise light. I see the kids have not grown tired of the life saver choc biscuits! Happy walking.

  2. Yes, great post and pictures. They will not mind carrying them as no doubt the quantity will reduce with the number of stops. Enjoy the last of the walking and then free time in Santiago.

  3. Ha ha ha they made those 5 euros go a long way and with lots of good collaboration and presumably some pretty serious negotition in the process. There is some significant similarity between the two choices which is nice. If any kids have earned a few extra treats those four have without a shadow of a doubt. You have too, Rachael and more beside, hope your leg has improved.

  4. A very cool post – magic photos of the sunrise. Do savour the moments – it won’t be long and you will be wishing you were back there. Is gray, wet and dreary here! But we do look forward to seeing you all xx

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