11 May: Santa Marta to Rionegro del Fuente

“So what did you think of that?”

“Well, he was driven by faith,” one child answered.

“Their whole family was,” another  added.

The family  bought a tumbledown house on the edge of this tumbledown village and turned it into a beautiful oasis. They had no money – having just spent ten years living in India and then ten years in Africa building seventeen schools for orphans when they were denied Indian visas. They live by faith, see God work and share their faith with whoever passes by.  Being directly on the Camino path, plenty of pilgrims pass by, drop in for a drink and chat, or stay the night. Their story is testament to people who took seriously the words of Jesus to sell everything and tell everyone about him. It has not been without cost. Their life has been rewarding, but not easy. While they do not think everyone should do what they have done, they reckon more people could give up some comfort and spend their lives for others without waiting for lightning bolts from heaven! They are concerned that the church is quite focused on success and not talking about counting the cost. They value the opportunities their lifestyle has given them. Here’s a plaque they have by their fountain – it prompts questions from searching pilgrims.

Speaking of water, today was a very watery day…..rivers, canals, dams….

A beautiful day’s walking through varied countryside with snow-capped mountains (which we’re about to climb) in the background, and we ended up at an albergue that has offered hospitality to pilgrims since the Middle Ages.

Pablo, a father of three boys, sat outside playing authentic flamenco music.

The ladies of the village set up a display for tonight’s procession which they invited us to. When their vocal enthusiastic bantering was over, they all lit a cigarette to recover!

Teo, the chef of the restaurant we had been advised not to miss, sat outside with us all and looked pleased when the kids said they were hungry!

 Distance: 30.1km Total distance: 6??km


3 thoughts on “11 May: Santa Marta to Rionegro del Fuente

    • Strangely, it didn’t feel like 30 and the kids said they could have happily kept going. Some days the walking is easy, some days not so much! It was very beautiful which probably helped.

  1. Another day bringing Life’s lessons painlessly. Although the thought of 30 kms being easy is a bit beyond my experience. Great post with great pics.

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