9 June: Granja de Moreruela to Tabara

 Yesterday I was thinking I was over the Camino. Today I recognise I had simply exhausted my ability to appreciate grain fields.

Today was the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. day we have had so far. Some of the best bits were not captured on camera. For a mere few seconds a young brown fox with a white-tipped tail stopped on the path just meters ahead of us, looked back at us and then disappeared into the brush. It didn’t last long, but it was a magical moment.

Standing directly above an eagle’s nest and watching two birds take off from the rocky ledge, their wings whooshing with power as they flapped up in front of him is a memory that will stay with Micaiah forever. The rest of us, standing a far more sensible distance away from the edge, were equally awed as they rose into the sky and circled above us. They crossed the river and landed on the other side – even at that distance they looked enormous.

Perhaps we appreciated today more than we might have if we had not been walking through grain fields for so many consecutive days. Today there were trees. We hadn’t realized how much we are accustomed to having trees around.And there were cuckoos calling from them.

Today there were trees on hills. Hills! And it looked a bit like home (without the ferns).

Today there was hiking and scrambling over rocks and climbing up paths, all of which are so much more interesting than walking along stony farm roads.

Today there was a bridge and we were there just at the moment the sun was shining through it gloriously.

Today was made easier by the fact that we were on the road by 6:30am and it was COOL. By 10:30 it had reached 27 degrees, but two hours later we would arrive, having flown through 27.5km. Starting earlier meant we were able to catch up and overtake an Italian girl and Japanese couple (by the way, it’s lovely to have Spanish as the lingua franca between kiwis and Japanese), and we caught “the three kiwis”. These guys, along with a friendly Spanish couple are our new travelling companions.

It was truly a fabulous day.

Distance: 27.5km Total Distance: 596km


One thought on “9 June: Granja de Moreruela to Tabara

  1. Gorgeous scenery and such interesting events. I’m up to my ears in reports and signatures, stamps and lists! Grade 5 graduation tomorrow morning, kindergarten’s was on Wednesday. Despite my cynical attitude towards 5 year olds graduating (!) it was a lovely ceremony that the parents adored.

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