8 May: Montamarta to Granja de Moreruela

We didn’t want anything eventful to happen today. And as of 3pm when we sat down for lunch, it appeared we would be in luck.

 The path was flooded, but a kind lady advised us to take the road before we got down to the water’s edge (the path is under that water!)

 There were rural scenes.

The kids found frogs – lots of frogs- under the bridge and along the path. There were glimpses of water.The remains of an abandoned but obviously once substantial settlement reared up on top of a hill. Usually we’d have gone exploring, but today we were not looking for adventure and were aware the temperature was constantly climbing. Large plateaus followed gentle climbs, our final destination being at the end of this one.

Destination, and lunch. Now *that* turned out to be an adventure.

Salad was not an official choice for first plate, but I asked if it would be possible and we were served the best salads we’ve had so far – complete with generous amounts of asparagus, tomato, corn, peppers and tuna.

 Second plates were equally generous and we all ended up with a juicy fillet of pork or chicken to put in our cheese and tomato rolls for dinner (everyone else who ate here also took some home with them!) 

 And ice cream. It really was quite the adventure.

Distance: 23.4km Total Distance: 568km


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