8 May: Granja de Moreruela

Ordinarily, as Kiwis, we like to throw the windows open and let the light in. Today we followed Spanish custom and kept the shutters down in an attempt to keep the dormitory from heating up too much.

We also adopted the Spanish custom of sitting in the bar playing cards. It was simply too hot to be out seeing the sights.

The sights. We went for a wander later to check things out. This town is famous on the Via de la Plata for being the place where you have to choose whether to go west on the Sanabres route or continue northwards for another week and then join the busy Camino Frances at Astorga. Astorga has a chocolate museum and a Gaudi building and so there were a few votes for that route. The Sanabres has more mountains, no race for beds at the end of the day and the added attraction that we have not yet walked it.

 In the morning we’ll be turning left. But today we went the other way. Like many villages we have passed through, this one is a mixture of nondescript habitations, falling-apart-places and the odd fancy one.

 (Spot the albergue with washing outside! And someone pulled the shutters up!!)

After our wee wander, we popped into the grocery store to pick up something for lunch on the run tomorrow.

It’s like stepping into another era. Which reminds me, just yesterday I looked at a decrepit tumbledown mud brick building and wondered how long it had been abandoned. When we rounded the corner a low doorway into a courtyard with an ancient wooden door half off its hinges was hanging half open – and through it I spotted an equally old lady perched on a stool doing some embroidery. Beside her, a darkened doorway revealed a dim kitchen. This house was obviously not abandoned at all. So who knows which of the buildings in this town are lived in or not?


2 thoughts on “8 May: Granja de Moreruela

  1. Does the person who owns that minuscule white car live in the gorgeous stone hobbit house with the turf roof? That shop looks amazing. So wish I was there.

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