7 June: Valdeperdices to Montamarta

“You have arrived. The destination is on your right.”

 Really? Does that look like a Visigothic church that was built in 680and then moved stone by stone  a hundred years ago when someone decided to build a dam?

Jolly googlemaps!

We did get to the church, but our little detour that was supposed to be a round trip of 5km ended up being nearly 7km each way! The kids don’t think it was worth it. They were still thinking of the night on the floor (which, incidentally, passed without issue and we all actually slept reasonably well, even though it got cold at 4am and we had to climb into our sleeping bags instead of lying on top of them as mattresses, which made the floor seem a bit harder), having to carry food, not being with the guys we’d been walking with, having to walk in the heat of the day….you see, the day started with perfect walking weather:

…but by the time we finished we were wilting…

 Was it worth it?

There’s something about the simplicity that calms my soul. I’d go there again!  
And while the kids may not have been voting for the architecture, they were enthusiastic about what comes out to play in the heat: 

That was exciting enough, but then we came across a really decent-sized specimen:

On our return journeyfrom the church to our overnight sleeping spot where we had left our bags, we abandoned googlemaps and followed the official camino markers. Anyone thinking of doing this detour can be assured that it is directly on the Portuguese path from Zamora so there are arrows all the way. And we got a glimpse of water that was missing on the google path.

In order to get back to the Via de la Plata, we relied again on Google. Ha. I have two complaints. The first is that when the road is completely under water, it is problematic if you don’t have a boat or more faith than Peter.

 If you look closely you can see the road on the far side of this water. We were supposed to walk from that point to here where the photo is taken from. I had started getting suspicious when the path began curving around what looked like a lake. I thought I had noticed on the map that we would be skirting across the top of it, not walking beside it. So we stopped to check. Sure enough, there was definitely water on the ground that was not marked on the map. Then we saw a couple pull up in a car right there where our photo is taken from. You know the view that faced them. They got out of their car and looked quizzically  at the end of the road (actually, they were too far away for us to see their facial expressions, but I’m sure they were as bemused as we were) We backtracked and crossed where there was less of the wet stuff and headed across rocks to the road we thought we should be on. Success. The car couple had disappeared, presumably to find another road.

My other complaint is this:

 We are the arrow. We are following the blue line. Unless I am mistaken, we are supposed to turn right up ahead. But Mrs Google instructs us to turn left. You can’t just do the opposite of what she says, because sometimes she actually gets it right, so every time you have to check manually. We’ll be happy to be following arrows tomorrow.

Distance: 27.5km Total Distance: 543km


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