6 June: Zamora to Valdeperdices

If every day is a mountain-top experience eventually you’d stop appreciating the views. Most of today was a bit mediocre, no mountaintops. An orange road stretched away in front of us, with green wavy fields on either side.  There is a monotony to these rural scenes.

 There was an occasional change, but mostly it was just fields. Or fields with clouds of pollen blowing across.

We have detoured off the official Via de la Plata route for a day in order to see two special churches. The first, La Hiniesta, was closed. What we could see from the outside was great, but it was a little disappointing to not be able to get in. To the kids, it was equally disappointing that the bar by the church where we had planned on having lunch was also closed! Not exactly a mountaintop morning!

Our accommodation for the night did not inspire lofty thoughts either. That in spite of us having an entire building to ourselves!

 That’s it, all for us. And a toilet with resident spider, three tables, a bench, a power point, some hooks on the wall and a handle-less mop. We used everything provided!! We would also have been happy to use beds, or even just mattresses, but there were neither! Mediocre days will make the mountaintop days extra special!

Mediocre days are important for developing gratitude and looking for things to be thankful for.  People were today’s answer. We lost count of the number of people who stopped their car or waited for us to catch up them and their dogs or called out to us or looked back to check we had taken the right turn – close to a dozen would have stopped us to check we had not missed the route they expected we would be taking. Some of them took a bit of convincing that we were OK – how delightful it was that so many people would go out of their way for complete strangers.

Mediocre days could be good ones for appreciating each other, but if this blog is to be authentic it must be said that sarcasm and snitching ruled sibling interactions today. Eventually I banned speech for a time, gave a lecture on the side of the path, confiscated a tool that was being used as a weapon, repeated another lecture and left one particular playing-dumb child to work out how he was being foolish – and it took him well over an hour. Less-than-mediocre days happen.

Distance: 23km Total Distance: 515


3 thoughts on “6 June: Zamora to Valdeperdices

    • Margaret, it’s not an albergue. Just a kind village that let’s pilgrims bunk down on the floor if they want (must say I thought there would be a mattress though!)

  1. Even in the midst of exciting adventures in Spain normal family life prevails! We bring ourselves along with us don’t we. Lack of good food(or the disappointment of anticipated food) brought out the hangries in my lot for sure!

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