6 June: evening in Valdeperdices

On our post-dinner peregrination everyone stared at us. We greeted and walked on. But this gaggle of elderly women didn’t even notice us, so engrossed were they in their game of cards played on a board that was balanced on their knees. We wandered over. They looked up and we made stumbling attempts at conversation. I resorted to using google translate on the phone and lending my glasses so they could read the translation. Hilarious. The men mentioned the water from the nearby pump is fresh and very good to drink so we tried it out. 
 It was deliciously cool and clear so we filled our water containers for tomorrow – what a blessing when the water in the tap was silty and so we hadn’t drunk any.

 Levi snuck round surreptitiously taking pictures!
Then the men told us to climb the hill. So we did.

 Finally they sent us off over another hill to see their river. On the way we met a 96-year-old man  mending his gardening tool. He loved us stopping to chat (with the help of one of our new friends, the youngest card player who was going out to her garden plot with a bucket)

As we left the elderly gentleman, she whispered something confidentially, even perhaps conspiratorially, to us – the secret is safe – I didn’t understand a word!

 The Rio was a great babysitter. Rocks were hurled into it, stones skimmed across it and the kids came back as best friends again.

Our home even looked cosy and welcoming.

 The card-playing ladies had kindly asked if we had eaten. I’m sure they would have fed us if I’d said no. It’s just a pity they didn’t ask if we needed some old feed sacks to sleep on!


3 thoughts on “6 June: evening in Valdeperdices

  1. Funny, cause just this morning I was bemoaning not have cold spring water to drink anymore!! The water from my tap is cool…but not that lovely cold you get from one of the font’s in Spain! Journey on!! Love watching how it’s all going! Buen Camino.

  2. I have loved catching up on the last week or so of stories. Keep up the good work – thanks so much for sharing it all with us xx

  3. Gosh, each day gets more adventurous. I applaud your choice of timber over tiles. Water and shelter. You have your priorities right. Hope ice cream featured as well.

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