3 June: Calzada to Villanueva de Campean


8:16am Digger left us a message which we didn’t see until we had already tried the direct path in the hopes that there would be no water.



10:15am Look who came down the path as we were taking our first break. Pedro on Peregrin.

10:30am And off they went.

11:15am 21km done. Time to decide whether or not to push on for another 13. We could stop here.

11:32am We will do it after some tortilla de patatas and a juice (and a blat round the village finding more food to take with us because we’ll end up in a wee place with no shop.

12:08 A bit more to eat in the shade. A bit rude to eat our self-made rolls in the bar.

12:39pm Italiano joins us. Digger suggests he’s going to let us go on ahead and asks us to save him a bed……but he keeps up!


2:23pm selfie. It’s getting really hot!

2:59pm We make it to the village. We have run out of water. The last hour was hard. No-one complained. Got a message from Daddy that he’s in Guangzhou and his flight has been delayed for two hours due to thunderstorms. We’re frying, but no one wishes for thunderstorms.

 3:07pm We arrive. We drink. We claim beds. We get stamps in our credentials. We drink some more. We sit. We unpack. We take showers. It was a long hot day.

4:24pm Washing is done. Two blisters are attended to. All feet are checked. Journals are written. Blog post mostly typed. Cards played.

5:23pm Found. One bar. With hot cooked food. We have emergency rations, but are all ravenous and happy to eat a full meal. Happy to wait two hours for the kitchen to open.

8:09pm First plates. Dinner with Digger, Italiano (Tirano) and a Frenchman we caught up with today.

8:30pm Second plate – certainly typical “set menu” fare. Actually nothing to write home about. Followed by ice cream, of course.

Distance: 35.4km Total Distance: 474km


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