2 June: Salamanca to Calzada de Valdunciel

The train took Daddy to Madrid…..there were no tears.

The taxi took Grandpa and Uncle to their bus which will whisk them to Santiago in a heartbeat. (Two rounds of good-byes are harder than one).

The rest of us took the slog through a maze of roundabouts out of Salamanca. After quite a stretch of walking by the road with lots of honks and toots and waves from passing motorists, the route turned on to a dirt road.

Wild flowers were everywhere. 

In one little village we were busy following our yellow markers when a little lady with a watering can called us from up the street. She insisted we were going the wrong way and grabbed my arm to drag us in the right direction. I explained there were two routes and we did not want the alternative. Little lady thumped me on the arm and shuffled further up the road, enlisting the help of a teenaged girl to convince us about her route. We kept repeating the same things at each other, I consulted googlemaps which confirmed we did not want to go through the lady’s detour village, and we tried to look busy while she wandered back to the church to finish the flowers. After a respectable time we snuck down the back of the church, trying to avoid detection. We backtracked to check the sign:

 Yes, definitely a yellow one to go straight ahead. We followed it! Soon we were crossing the motorway Uncle and Grandpa would soon be driving along.

The yellow arrows continued and then lo and behold they pointed off towards the village the Bossy Little Lady had tried to steer us towards. We make a point of following arrows and not using googlemaps, but this time we took a look. The village was a detour. The main road would take us straight to Our Village. Some things make no sense. We took the detour.
After a week of the temperatures not being the highest, we were reluctant to complain about the heat, BUT boy was it hot!

When we were about an hour away Daddy messaged us with the news he had finished his wanderings around Madrid and was heading to the airport. The race was on: who would arrive first? Despite the heat, the kids changed gear, and we just made it to the village before he got to the airport.

At the albergue was a fair dinkum Aussie named Digger (ex-army) with whom we bantered for a while, sharing stories and history. 

There was also a Spanish guy, Pedro, who is riding his horse who goes by the name of Peregrin! Then a typically expressive Italian who speaks with his hands turned up and the place was full. Lingua Franca is Spanish and we’re having a laugh a minute. Mr Italiano loved the kids immediately and bought them food. He’s their friend already!

Distance: 17.1km Total distance: 439km


2 thoughts on “2 June: Salamanca to Calzada de Valdunciel

  1. The wild flowers look beautiful. Good for you that the temperatures have improved. Treasure the heat. First frosts here today. Enjoy this next phase of your adventure.

  2. About 15 mins into our supr-smooth bus journey Craog and i agreed that we must have passed your day’s walking distance! We looked out for you but not a Peregrinos was to be seen. So pleased you had a pleasant albergue for your first night sans Dad. Walk on, Fanulous Five!

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