31 May: Salamanca Housekeeping

First job: pick up Grandpa’s spare gear suitcase from the Post Office. Rob couldn’t resist weighing it again.
And he almost posted Grandpa off to his next destination….

….but they remembered just in time he has a bus ticket.

 Next stop, fish shop. Did you say fish shop? Why, yes, I did. In two days Rob will be taking cheeses and olives for a trip to New Zealand. It’s not the first – or second – or even third time we have done this. We are now pros at finding discarded polystyrene boxes and freezing a bottle of water to keep said cheeses cool for two days of travelling.  The friendly fishmonger rinsed out the boxes and refused any payment. 
Next stop: supermarket to buy anti-bed-bug spray.
As soon as we arrived at the apartment Rob went crazy with the spray can and we started the ritual of hot washing E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I was already in the process of washing all my gear as I have been struggling with a rash all over my face and periodically stinging  watery eyes for the past two weeks. Yesterday I suddenly realised it might be an allergic reaction to the washing powder we used when we had a washing machine and so I bought a sweatshirt yesterday so that I could get the infected clothing away from my face, and started washing and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing some more.

Off to the supermarket on a cheese hunt. Super Special Success.

Orange Stop. Because we are modern pilgrims and carry phones that need sorting out.

Last job was to find a Victory Dinner Restaurant. On the way we discovered a favourite memory from our Portuguese camino:

We bumped into camino friends as we wandered around and the guys had a beer on the Plaza Mayor and we wandered some more and stopped to listen to street musicians while we waited for our chosen restaurant to open.

Insert dinner pics
And when we got home we put on the sixth load of washing for the day! Tomorrow we’ll be tourists and enjoy this gorgeous city!

Distance: 15km but it doesn’t count towards the total.


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