24 May: newsflash

Conversation with Grandpa when he realised everyone was looking for something…..

“if you’re looking for your undies, I’ve got them on.”

Rob (with incredulity in his voice): You’ve got them ON?

Gpa: yes, well they turned up in my washing pile and I figured if I had these then Craig had mine so I  put them on.

Much laughter filled the dorm.

And Grandpa continued: I figured it would all come out in the wash!

Craig: There’s the next blog post, right there.

And so I verified the conversation to make sure I could quote it accurately, raced downstairs and across the square to the bar where there is wifi…..and here you have it. Never a dull moment with Grandpa. 

No photos though!

Oh, OK, one looking up at our room across the square. (If you look really hard you’ll see Grandpa looking out the window wagging his finger at me!)


2 thoughts on “24 May: newsflash

  1. Oh Grandpa Joe, you never cease to entertain us – even from the other side of the world! Loving all these regurgitations of his comments 🙂

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