24 May: Caceres to Casar de Caceres

More conversations with Grandpa:

1. I could kiss you if you’re taking us AROUND that hill.

2. (Five minutes later) Well, obviously no chance of you getting a kiss from me today!

3. Rob: First bus tomorrow leaves at 7:30 

Gpa: When does the second bus go?

4. Gpa: How much does the bus cost?

Rob: One euro fifty

Gpa: And to think we walked here!

Here. Here is Casar de Caceres, a little town famous for its soft gooey creamy pungent cheese, which we sampled at lunchtime….

…..and semi-famous for its modern bus station, which we will depart from tomorrow and tried to sketch today. 
(Because the guys have only a couple of weeks with us AND want to see Salamanca, we have to bus a stretch. So tomorrow we take a bus back to where we walked from today, which is a major transport hub, and from there will take a two hour journey 120km northwards.)

Casar de Caceres will also be remembered by us as the place we met 22-year-old Sam from the Czech Repblic. He left home about two years ago and headed for Spain so he could learn Spanish and one day return to teach it at school. He has a guitar, a strong faith and had five thousand euros. He met a flute-playing beggar and gave away all his money  and has been travelling penniless, happy and free since then. He relies on the generosity of farmers to give him some work in exchange for a meal, and has just spent a month working with a church in exchange for board and bed. When he is hungry, he prays.I am currently reading Craig Greenfield’s latest book, Subversive Jesus (do get yourself a copy!)…in it he talks about how “the poor” need to be able to give and not simply receive. I was reminded of this when Sam willingly cleared away the dishes and wiped down the table after sharing lunch with us today.

Last conversation with Grandpa:

“I’m feeling quite rested!”

“See, walking with us is so good for you!”

Distance: 13.3km Total distance: 335km




One thought on “24 May: Caceres to Casar de Caceres

  1. You’ve had us in fits of laughter this morning! 😄😄😄 Thanks for sharing the convos with Grandpa…..and the wonderful story of Sam’s journey. Beautiful pics, once again❤️❤️❤️

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