21 May: Alcuescar to Aldea del Cano (conversations with Grandpa)

Do you remember hopping in the shower to read our update the other day? Well, we’ve got another interactive game for you today! A few conversations happened with Grandpa today – most of the following are true, but one isn’t. Can you pick the lie?

Conversation 1

“You should be a politician. Yesterday there was one story, now you’re leaking information slowly. Yesterday you said 11km now it’s turned into 15. Yesterday you said we’d stop in a bar for coffee. Only now do you tell me there’s a detour to get to it, so there goes another 6km.” 

My defense: The facts are that I actually said 13km yesterday. Sorry, that was an innocent mistake. 15 is right. As for the detour, I don’t know how long it will be, but the information I have suggests it is negligible. It certainly won’t be 6km. I can promise that.

“I told you, you could be a politician!”

Conversation 2

Me: Dad, you need to move over, a car’s coming.

Little four-wheeled farm buggy passes.

Gpa: Such a politician. Grossly exaggerating again.

Me: Sorry, I was just relaying information I’d been given. I didn’t actually see it for myself until it passed us.

Gpa: See, I told you, you could be a politician.

Conversation 3

Rob: Well, you couldn’t get easier walking than this, could you?

Grandpa: Shut up!

Conversation 4

We need to do a shadow picture. Don’t bunch up like a blob.

Conversation 5

Wow, look at that engineering. This drive shaft…something something….cogs, belts…something else technical….when this turns, that does such-and-such 

(OK, so that’s not verbatim, but it’s not the lie either – and actually it was a very interesting and educational few minutes we spent at the olive press monument)

Conversation 6

(Background information: I am famous-in-my-family for knowing what the time is to within ten minutes even though I have not worn a watch for a quarter of a century)

Out of the blue Grandpa asks, “So what’s your time-keeping like in the northern hemisphere?” I had seen the clock above but had been more interested in looking at the storks than the time, so I really had no clue. Additionally, we do not need to tell time while walking other than for when shops are open. We get up when someone else is too noisy to allow us to sleep. We eat when we are hungry. We shower as soon as we arrive. Time is immaterial. 

“It’s after 9:30, but before ten,” I proposed, but then listened to my internal clock and readjusted my verdict: “No, actually, it’s after ten.”

“Ten past,” Grandpa grinned triumphantly.

Conversation 7

Me: Looks like a Roman milestone up ahead.

Gpa: It’s as ancient as I feel.

(Don’t be fooled by the picture). Conversation 8

Me: I seem to have lost my sunhat.

Gpa: How did you do that? 

Me: I keep it in this side pocket of my pack and when I took it off the other day I stuffed it back into the pocket – only I suspect it didn’t go in the pocket, but rather, straight down onto the path.

Gpa: No,that could never have happened – I’d have noticed, I’m always behind you. I’m always behind everyone.

Conversation 9

Me: Just filling you in ahead of time so you don’t think I’m withholding information. {See conversations 1 and 2 above} Today is Saturday and shops often close at 2 and do not reopen again until Monday. Some close at 12. We don’t know what to expect at the next town, so if it looks like we’re not going to arrive before 11:30, I’m going to take off ahead and get the food shopping done – you can plod on at your own pace.

Gpa: No problem, I’m pretty sure Craig wouldn’t mind walking with me anyway.

Craig: No way!

Gpa: Ah look how much he loves me. An old man can’t find sympathy anywhere these days.

It turned out, Craig, who had just walked into the conversation, had thought he was being asked to hurry on ahead!!! He was more than willing to accompany Grandpa!

Conversation 10 (post-arrival at the albergue)

I’d already bought provisions for today and tomorrow, but had failed to purchase icecream!

Me: I’m going back to the shop. Would you like to come?

Gpa: No, I’d like to stay here, but I’d like to pay for icecreams.

So which one DIDN’T happen?

Distance: 16.5km Total distance: 300!!!


3 thoughts on “21 May: Alcuescar to Aldea del Cano (conversations with Grandpa)

  1. I’m guessing you are at the bliss stage of the journey before the blister stage?! Love to Grandpa I would love to walk with you. No idea which was the fabrication. Will wait with baited breath for the update. Happy travels – lots of photos please. Sue Q

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