17 May: Merida

First thing this morning as we ambled amongst funerary relics, having just watched archaeologists at work on a partly-explored site, Ella-Rose declared, “This is the most interesting day so far.” (Just quietly, everyone else had been far more wowed by the theatre yesterday, but we are happy if The Smallest is happy!) A few hours later she had a new observation: “I think I’ve seen enough Roman ruins now!” 

Luckily for the Little One, there was by then just a crypt under a closed (i.e. we could not enter the main building) church to visit…

 …and then a railway station to sit at doing some journaling while we waited for Uncle Craig to arrive. 

 …walking round all the same places with uncle is just so much more interesting!

Distance: 14.5km (although everyone else’s Fitbits and phone apps suggested we went farther than my app recorded)


3 thoughts on “17 May: Merida

  1. I am enjoying your blogging. Your photographs are beautifully clear and I wonder which camera you use. So happy for you all to be meeting there in Merida. Stay well.

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