16 May: Merida

Supermarket, Post Office, Trajan’s Arch (just round the corner from the PO), medieval aqueduct (that is to say, it was built by the Romans but restored in the 1500s), other Ancient Roman wonders including the Circus (horse racing variety, not clowns and trapeze artists), the amphitheater and the theatre.

That was our day. 


2 thoughts on “16 May: Merida

  1. Ecce, Romani! 😀

    (“Look, the Romans!” Full disclosure, that was the name of my Latin book way back in the day.)

    I was just thinking how interesting it is that your Roman theater looks just like the one I saw in Jerash, Jordan, which in turn looks just like the one I’ve seen a lot of pictures of lately in Palmyra. But then I guess there will be a ton of things that look the same from our own era to future archeologists.

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