12 May: Fuente de Cantos to Zafra

Seven hours on the road……


Waiting by the church while Micki puts plasters on his feet – but I can’t complain about him forgetting because soon I will be running back to the hostal to fetch my hiking pole that I forgot.




 Yep, road-walking. The Camino does not actually follow the road, but we were advised to take this detour to avoid two complicated river crossings. We saw Polish Pani Sabina and her Italian husband, Benedict, ahead of us not taking the detour. Despite walking more than 2km further than them, we reached the spot where the two routes intersected a good twenty minutes sooner. They had had a terrible time wading through water above their knees on unstable stones covering a riverbed that dropped unexpectedly and caught them unawares a number of times. Oma Gertrud took the same route and even fell in the water! We were so pleased to have gone the long way.

11:30 lunch break 

Approaching 12:30 (by 12:30 we were right under The Black Cloud in a howling gale being Dumped On) 




 Warming up before the last 4km.

2:10pm (just before town) 

2:20pm (just in town) 


From across the street Antonio waved and smiled at us. “The family is here!” He ushered us upstairs, called his wife to begin the stamping procedure, poured glasses of juice, handed out shells, told us last night’s host (also Antonio) had told him we were coming so he reserved a room “for the family” (which we will end up sharing with Oma because she understandably does not want to share with Don Roncador/Snorer, who is otherwise a lovely guy!)….he handed out towels and insisted we have our washing done for free and by 4:30pm a brand new drier would be delivered and – of course – our family’s clothes should go in first!!! What an amazing welcome. Another day’s walking done. 

Distance: 28km (actually it was 28.9km for me, but you can’t count forgetful backtracking!) Total distance: 175km


One thought on “12 May: Fuente de Cantos to Zafra

  1. I was thinking that even though your hiking photos look very different this year due to the stormy weather, the warm welcome of the Camino has remained. No wonder people keep going back. Glad you got such a lovely welcome.

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