11 May: Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos

Look who joined us today:

 Yes, that would be a shadow, which means there was (for five minutes anyway) some sun!!! #mamatakesaselfie

Come walk with us (it’s a great day for walking, started off at 8 degrees at 7:30am, so set a cracking pace to keep warm)…

 Cold feet!!

Then we came to another puddle, it really wasn’t so bad, but a farmer drove down from his farm and offered to ferry us across it. Would you have refused? 

And very soon we were arriving on the outskirts of town. A old battered car drew up and I explained to the kids someone would hop out and try to solicit our business. It just so happened to be for the place we actually wanted to stay tonight, so we were certainly happy to oblige. I insisted we wanted to stay in the dormitory, rather than the double rooms in the house. Agreed. When we arrived the father-and-son team exchanged a few words. The upshot was that we were shown the house and convinced of how wonderful it was. And it was. There was heat. There were two people per room. There were fluffy white towels on the beds. There was a bath in the bathroom. There was a well-equipped kitchen. Then we were shown the freezing unheated bleak-looking dormitory and told we could stay in the house for the same price as the dorm. Deal done!

We raced out to the supermarket before it closed for the whole afternoon and soon enough a tasty chorizo and vegetable sauce with half a carton of 59-cents-a-litre red wine was simmering on the stove. 

The last room was taken by Bruce and Jenny from Hamilton, NZ so it’s a veritable Kiwi house tonight! English conversation is a welcome break from the linguistic stimulation of the last week….but that’s a story for another day.

Distance 21.9km Total distance: 146km


3 thoughts on “11 May: Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos

  1. i really enjoyed today’s post – your pictures really capture the essence of the Camino, in my mind. The depth of field really hepled to draw one into the pictures. Nice compositions too. You have certainly tamed that i-phone camera! Good to see at least some sun!

  2. Beautiful pics, Rach….glad you had a bit of ‘home away from home’ for a short time. Look at that km count climbing! Keep up the good work! Lots of lovexx

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