6 May: Sevilla to Guillena

“So much has happened today!” Quite a statement from Micaiah before 11 in the morning, but quite true.

Walking day at last. 

  We set out in drizzle, taking to heart Grandpa’s advice that it is always better to choose to be happy. Off in the distance was a really dark cloud and we were headed straight for it. Happily! Laughter rang out when a car splashed through a kerbside puddle showering me with mud! Happy! Approaching the extra dark cloud, the rain got heavier and heavier until we were right under it and in nothing short of a deluge. Then we were out the other side, looking back at it sitting there. 

 All day the rain would play with us, on and off, more on than off.  It was the kind of day that sensible people stay tucked up inside!

When we got to Camas the next exciting thing happened. 

That is churros and chocolate for two. It fed five easily! And if it hadn’t, the ladies at the next table offered us their leftovers! They were not the only friendly Camas-residents. Leaving the centre, the yellow arrows seemed to be pointing towards the motorway, so we headed back to go around the roundabout on the footpath. Two old men sitting under a rotunda signaled that we should continue towards the motorway onramps. It seemed strange, but they were so friendly and insistent that this was right. Next thing we knew we were meeting two more friendly Camas-residents. Policemen this time. They pulled up in their patrol car and stopped traffic  while talking to us! Were we doing the Camino? Did we want to go to Samtiponce next? Did we realise we were heading towards the motorway and really couldn’t go around this side of the roundabout? Go back and cross over there and walk past those two men and take the next road. That will be much safer. Do you understand? All good?

The walk from Camas to Santiponce is uninspiring at best, through an industrial area along a dead straight road. The memory of churros  put smiles on our faces the whole way.

And that was when Micki’s comment about so much happening escaped his lips.  More was to come!

 We saw a sign for the place Grandpa and Daddy will join us in. We have just over a week to get there!
Then I saw my retirement home: 

 More happy!!!!

And even more….

The big event of the day was visiting the ruins of Italica. This was the biggest Roman city in Hispania, thriving there two hundred years before Christ….abandoned and then rediscovered six hundred years ago. These are time frames difficult for Kiwis with a one hundred year history to comprehend!  

After Italica it was back to road walking. Even that provided some HAPPY:  And soon we were onto truly happy walking – off the main road, away from traffic, through a small glade of trees and onto a rural road. 

More rain fell. Much more. The road turned to mud. Mud is another word for happiness for the kids. Again laughter rang out as Mama slipped and skidded along. Then they started sliding too (except Ella-Rose, she would like you to know!) and happiness was in the air. It might not be right, but there was more laughter when we saw some cyclists turn back. It seemed especially funny because they got over halfway through the bad bit before turning around.

Then there was an enormous happiness. The girls have never witnessed the likes of what happened. I overheard one of the ladies at the albergue telling another that she was Polish. I spoke to her in Polish, just a couple of sentences and she came running across the room, hugged me tightly, kissed me well and truly more times than the standard three and exclaimed over and over how amazing it was to meet a Kiwi Pole! Time to brush up on the Polskiego.

Sevilla – Guillena, from albergue door to albergue door distance was 27.1km (this included the wanderings at Italica)…and when we arrived we went out for a couple more walks and then because they weren’t tired enough, the kids played handball on the courts at the place where we are staying.


5 thoughts on “6 May: Sevilla to Guillena

  1. You sound like you’re getting the chance to settle into the Camino spirit and community. Glad you could smile through the rain! Craig is counting down the days till he joins you all. He of course is hoping the rain in Spain remains on that plain, and not near him.๐Ÿ˜ Loved the look of that churros!

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