5 May: Sevilla

“If I ever have kids I want them to be behaved like yours. I haven’t heard them bicker, I saw them do their washing and cook dinner and do the dishes. I couldn’t cook when I left home, let alone at their age. But it’s how polite they are that I really want. My Mom always yelled at me, but you haven’t yelled at them at all.”

So said one of the twenty-something girl at the hostel last night. If only the story stopped here! I told the kids about the conversation this morning and suggested they live up to their reputations. Indeed, they did cook and wash clothes and do dishes and journal and play cards and walk 15km and do the navigating with a map….unfortunately, they also bickered….in the largest Gothic cathedral of the world, no less. One tried to push another off a pew and gave him a boot when he shifted. One grumbled and muttered under her breath how boring it was – despite seeing Christopher Columbus’ tomb and a gold altar that was 30 meters high and an 800 year old hand-stitched flag and a 500 year old illuminated manuscript book. Another argued with everything that was said. All day. At least I didn’t yell;-)

Acually most of the day was OK! We wandered the city, climbed the Giralda Tower, visited the aforementioned cathedral and also popped inside the church that was in the Orange Trees Picture yesterday.



5 thoughts on “5 May: Sevilla

  1. Oh and they look so thrilled to have their photo taken too! Such incredible architecture – something we Kiwis know so little about! Stunning photos! Enjoy your time Ayres Bears – absolutely incredible opportunity xx

  2. Can’t really blame the smallest Bear for not being enthralled with all that trudging around looking at Old Stuff. (after all, who cares just how they managed to craft those designs all those years ago, or who wonders at the sheer beauty of it all? Me, actually!) But let’s hope she soon realises that its much more fun to be happy than to perpetuate being a grump! May the clouds lift soon!

    • Actually she was deeply engrossed with each of those things – especially the flag coz you could see the stitches and she knows all about that! But when she was told to keep her feet to herself she decided everything was boring (very quietly muttered under her breath) and stood with her back to each chapel we entered – she’s just lucky we didn’t do all 80 of them!!

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