Via de la Plata Map links

VdlP mapMy Mum and Dad like to follow along vicariously on our journey so I put together a quick little map for them. It’s always tricky because we generally don’t know for certain when we’ll be where. However, this time is a little different, because we have Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle coming to join us partway through so we have a definite timeline for their arrival and departure dates at least. Click here if you’d like to take a squiz at the map  – see if you can spot the bit where we hop on a bus. The purist in me doesn’t like taking busses and skipping sections, but The Men who are joining us have only a limited time with us and we’d like for them to be able to see both Merida and Salamanca and so we’ll do what we need to do to make it work for them. At the end of the day, relationship is more important than Walking-The-Whole-Way-Every-Step-Of-The-Way!

If you are interested in even more detail – or if you just like maps because maps are cool, there’s a really funky website with zoomy maps that you’ll love to have a look at. Click right here to see what I mean. Each stage (or Etapa in Spanish) has its own map below the main one – click on the place names in bold orange and you’ll be in for a real treat. (Go on, do it, even just once!) That link takes you to the first part of the route, the Via de la Plata. If you get become khooked and want to follow the whole way, you’ll need to CLICK HERE for the last part, the Camino Sanabres. If you’re thinking of walking yourself, you’ll find the site to be most useful. There is information about the route and accommodation and services along the way. It’s in Spanish, but you’ll work it out, and if not, then googletranslate is your friend. The gronze site is similar; again in Spanish, but with much lower tech maps and some people find it easier to navigate. If you prefer English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Japanese then mundicamino is the site for you.


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