Via de la Plata (minus a week)

In one week I won’t be lying here in bed checking Facebook and thinking about getting up to make pancakes. I’ll have said good-bye (oh how I hope it gets easier!) and will be sitting on a plane with four kids waiting to taxi and take off.

Five big bags of refugee gear will be tucked away in the hold. Five small backpacks containing all our gear for the next two months will be stowed in the overhead compartments.

When we drove out to the airport on Friday to pick up Eldest Daughter and New Son (-in-law), the kids admitted to flutters of excitement in their tummies. One even said his stomach had felt “all squeezed tight” during the week when he had thought about the upcoming adventure.

We have had a very full few months since deciding to take this trip and the focus has very much been on the “here and now”, living in the moment, one event at a time….one child getting engaged, another off to China on a scholarship, one starting university, another starting full-time work, Christmas, birthdays, Shakespeare production, wedding, triathlon, graduation, another wedding….and now we’re on the final countdown.

But first I need to make some pancakes.


2 thoughts on “Via de la Plata (minus a week)

  1. So funny reading your post this morning! I sent nearly the same words to someone else, as I made scrambled eggs and thought of how next week this time, Burgos!! Heres to a wonderful week of last minute things and enjoying each and every one of them as they happen. So now…off to a birthday bash for my eldest granddaughter. Time really flies. 5 years ago I left her at two weeks old to walk the Camino Frances. Now off to be a Hospitalera. And follow your newest adventure. Thank you for your inspirational journey’s and sharing! Buen Camino a todo! K

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