Via de la Plata(minus 20 days)

  • Confirm passports are still valid ~ check
  • Take packs out of cupboard ~ check
  • See if Ella-Rose is big enough for a real pack yet ~ check, YAY she is!
  • Try on hiking clothes ~ check (see next point)
  • Replace boys’ jackets and a pair of jandals ~ check
  • Buy universal plug and some more nappy pins ~ check
  • Decide who will carry the “laundry” (items from above point plus a bar of Sunlight soap and a few metres of cord aka washing line) ~ check (it’ll be Micaiah)
  • Decide who will carry the “kitchen” (five small plastic bowls and titanium sporks) ~ check (Levi has the pleasure)
  • Pack teeny tiny toiletries selection ~ check
  • Pack miniscule medical kit ~ check (and more muscle cream has been ordered because we have not been training and I guess we’re going to be sore!)
  • Collect art supplies and journals ~ ckeck
  • Make a scallop shell for THIS camino~ check

(embroidered shell for first camino, water canister for second walk-for-water, little brass shell for little Portuguese camino…bell in ball handmade by fellow pilgrim)

  • Fill freezer for stay-at-homes ~ check
  • Download route app to phone ~ check
  • Print off accommodation list ~
  • Pack refugee gear ~
  • Pack breakfast to eat at the airport ~

Looks like we’re very nearly ready…


4 thoughts on “Via de la Plata(minus 20 days)

  1. You guys gotta be careful, or the biggest weight soon in the packs will be the shells and trinkets attached from previous adventures. 😉

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