Via de la Plata(minus 90 days)

Question: are you only taking winter gear?
Answer: when I started making blankets, I hoped to send them at the beginning of the northern winter. However, they will not be going until spring, and so now there is no reason why we need to focus solely on warm gear.

Question: I don’t crochet, but I do sew, would you take a quilt?
Answer: Why not!

Question: your blankets are all lovely handmade ones…..would you take a shop-bought fleece one?
Answer: If I were a refugee who had fled my home carrying very little, I would welcome any blanket that kept me warm. We’ll take anything given with love!

Question: I have some good quality clothing including bras….would that be useful? Answer: Absolutely! Apparently bras and shoes are in high demand.

Question: how much stuff will you take?
Answer: As much as we can physically manage to carry or drag up to a maximum of our airline baggage allowance, which collectively is 150kg.

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