Via de la Plata(minus 70 days)

Another ten days passes, another blanket is completed. Now there are just a few scraps of 8ply wool left which are fast becoming a scarf and enough 4ply for One Last Blanket.
Our focus rests on the blankets rather than the walk. At times it seems like the walk is the means to the end of getting blankets to refugees. But actually they are two equal goals that have become entwined.

And expanded. The original proposition was a bit of a jaunt, taking in Ancient Roman ruins, Visigothic architecture, medieval monasteries, Moorish influence, Christian cathedrals. It was to have been an educational field trip syncing nicely with our history studies and a burgeoning interest in architecture on the part of the boys. The children were to have researched the history of things we might see – and they have. But they will be more than simply pilgrims and tour guides. They will also be porters…

When Grandpa heard of the adventure he expressed an interest in joining us. Being 84 years of age was no barrier. More difficult was the fact that this time a year ago he was lying at death’s door completely unable to move. His recovery has been not just remarkable, but miraculous. The man who took half an hour to get into a sitting position on the edge of the hospital bed – and even then could accomplish that feat only with assistance – is now halfway through his projected recovery time and has managed to walk 14km. We don’t know how he’ll cope with day-after-day walking, but he’ll give it a go and we’ve researched bus timetables just in case. The tour guide pilgrim children have offered to carry all Grandpa’s gear so he doesn’t stress the rods and screws holding his spine together – they will be porters.

Now this sounded like an opportunity too good to pass by so an uncle who is currently living in Turkey decided to join us too – he’s looking forward to being carried up the hills!

A field trip to Spain. The enormity of this opportunity is not lost on us. We are very blessed and grateful. We are excited to be able to use our experience to offer a little help to some refugees, and we will also be highlighting a variety of education situations around the world as we blog on the road. Stay tuned!


Via de la Plata(minus 90 days)

Question: are you only taking winter gear?
Answer: when I started making blankets, I hoped to send them at the beginning of the northern winter. However, they will not be going until spring, and so now there is no reason why we need to focus solely on warm gear.

Question: I don’t crochet, but I do sew, would you take a quilt?
Answer: Why not!

Question: your blankets are all lovely handmade ones…..would you take a shop-bought fleece one?
Answer: If I were a refugee who had fled my home carrying very little, I would welcome any blanket that kept me warm. We’ll take anything given with love!

Question: I have some good quality clothing including bras….would that be useful? Answer: Absolutely! Apparently bras and shoes are in high demand.

Question: how much stuff will you take?
Answer: As much as we can physically manage to carry or drag up to a maximum of our airline baggage allowance, which collectively is 150kg.

 First donation after the last blog post – thanks!