A walk with a twist

In 100 days I set off with the four youngest kids for another walk (by the way, they are no longer called “the little four” – two of them like to think they are taller than me now and the youngest is already N.I.N.E. years old).

It’ll be a charity walk with a difference. No raising money. No wells to dig. No set distance to cover.

We are going to walk from Seville to Santiago, but it won’t be just a walk. Before we get to Seville, we’ll be stopping in Madrid.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last year we crocheted, knit and collected blankets and woolen gear for refugees. The original goal was to get it to LILY, a one-lady-band working with Syrian refugees in Turkey. Unfortunately, getting the gear to her has proved too difficult. However, we have been in contact with an organisation in Madrid (Bienvenidos Refugiados Madrid) that is taking parcels to the camps in Calais and Lesvos almost every week. They would welcome whatever we can offer them. Before we even knew about them, we had booked our tickets to Madrid. We couldn’t get on a direct connecting flight to Seville so ended up having to stay the night in Madrid. So we booked a hostel too. Turns out this hostel is just a few hundred meters from the BRM office – and if we had got a direct flight we wouldn’t have had time to meet with them.

When we go for a walk we don’t check our backpacks through. We take so little that we just have it as carry-on baggage. That means we each have 30kg we could check through. 150kg for refugees (although I suspect we won’t physically be able to singlehandedly carry quite that much!) So far we have 22kg of blankets, sweaters, socks, scarves, hats and thermal underwear. In the next hundred days we’re hoping to collect more.


   Scarves and shawls

 Hats and socks

 Longies and shorties for using with cloth nappies

Do you have anything along those lines that you could donate? Not old socks with holes in them please; just warm, cosy, serviceable, got-life-left-in-it-still stuff. If you give it, we’ll take it, a few bags of love from the End of the World.

 Would you like to help us fill some more bags? Then we’ll go for a walk.


10 thoughts on “A walk with a twist

  1. How exciting! And what a mountain of woollen items. I know I don’t have any to add and I certainly don’t want to add to your workload but can I help with providing wool?

    • That’s a lovely offer Linda, but I doubt I’m going to have time to use any more wool – it’s already a race to get through what I’ve got before we leave! Thanks though (and thanks for urging Rob to get time off approved so he could join us for two weeks!)

  2. The blankets are only for the refugees or you sell them? Wenn you are in Madrid call me and we’ll take pisto again!!
    XXX Alberto Velasco

  3. I have at the moment 2 pair newly knitted socks and some beanies. I can post them to you next week if you let me know an address.

    • Jillian
      As we are not keen to put our personal details here, how about you post to
      Rachael Ayres
      C/ Titirangi Baptist Church
      32 Kaurilands Road
      I will pick up your parcel from the church office. Thanks again for your contribution.

  4. HI Jillian – I’m not sure if you’ll get this comment, but just in case….your parcel has arrived. I’ll feature it on the next blogpost unless you object. Thanks so much for your contribution – the knitting is gorgeous. I have used the same pattern you did for the smallest socks (but for myself!)

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