Camino Portuguese XXIV

 Final day in Santiago…, friends, finding family gifts….

 Food. Churros with the thickest chocolate from a nondescript little establishment on Rua San Pedro – if you’re in Santiago, don’t eat churros near the cathedral; come here!  

 Then when you’re ready for lunch head a little further out on the Camino Frances route until you come to Cafeteria-Restaurante “Periquillo” at Calle San Lazaro No 59. For 3,90 euros you will get a three course meal with bread. Wine and coffe are extra, but you can hardly complain about that!  

 The food is home-cooked standard fare with lots of vegetables. And yes, that is a whole chicken on the plate! Every day there are different choices.

Friends. Before we did our first camino in 2008 I joined an online Camino Forum. Early on this Camino I met  two of the members, a married couple. We snapped a pic of the two lasses with the forum badge on my pack:

 And today we caught up again for a drink and some final Padron peppers. Although both couples did the Camino Portuguese and bumped into each other again halfway, we then took different routes in to Santiago. We forgot to get a photo, but had a pleasant time comparing stories today. While we are all grateful to have walked this route, we agreed it was not a favourite for any of us (I’ll do a summary post later which will explain why – but probably not until I get on the plane in a few days!)

Family gifts. Now that would be telling;-)  


By the way, thanks to those who joined our Kiva Campaign yesterday. It’s now 32% funded.

PS There’s another “f” word……fantasised. We dreamt of bringing home some of these cheeses, but commonsense won, so there will be no party for the Auckland Airport Biosecurity Guards!  



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