Camino Portuguese XXII

 This is what last night’s albergue looked like in daylight….and here’s what it looked like as we left just before 6am:  



 It was Art’s idea – and a good one – to leave early. It meant we were in Santiago, had collected our compostelas and were taking photos in front of the cathedral as the bells tolled 9.   

  Sitting at Auckland airport I had written in my journal “While this may be a wedding anniversary trip, it does not mean it is about *us*. A marriage is not just for *me* or even *us* – it’s for others too.”

The week we left I had heard a friend with kids about the same age as ours has cancer. I have whispered prayers for her at wayside crosses and churches along the way.  

The night we left, Someone else we know was also at the airport having had an awful day. It was nicer to sit with her than cocoon ourselves in our own little bubble. 

And we took that thinking with us every day. We could have stayed in private hotels, but we elected to go for the communal options (although we nabbed private rooms when they were on offer and pushed bunks together when we could!). We could have walked alone, but frequently didn’t. We slowed our pace to *be* community.

And I believe our marriage is greatly enriched because of sharing with others. 

The encounters have been brief but authentic. We have made friends. There is a bond that is hard to explain.

And today we sat in the cathedral, participated in the mass, some even shed tears as the botafumeiro swung to its awesome height….we shared a final meal together, and said GOODBYE.  


Question for the kids: how heavy is the swingy-thingy? PS there’s a video of it on Facebook if you want to see it

Teo to Santiago – 13km + another 10 round town


2 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese XXII

  1. Congrats.. Well done ! Em Português “muito parabèns !”

    And now.. Back to NZ ?

    I will send you a pm some later.
    We are thinking of making a cruise from Sydney to Auckland some day and travel through NZ. By camper or what I saw at the TV the other day by train.
    Maybe you have some suggestions. hurry. Have to save some money first.
    And gather some “courage” for the long flight from Amsterdam to Australia.

    Bom caminho

  2. Beautiful words, Rach. I always think of 1 Corinthians 13. It is read at weddings for individual couples but is written to Community.

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