Camino Portuguese XVIII 

     “You just don’t know when to stop, do you?” Words echoed from my childhood as we headed off for a second stint today. Yesterday I had felt thoroughly sick mid-afternoon with funny tummy/ribs. We discovered one of the German girls was the same and today we arrived in Arcade to find a British lady who lives in Costa Rica has a similar unusual trouble. Because of said complaint, we had made the firm decision to have a quiet day, 18km to Redondela. Along the way we saw an advertisement for an albergue with wifi and decided to check in there. But when we arrived there was still over five hours until they would open.  

  So we did what any self-respecting pilgrim would do – ate well and walked on.

The trail in the morning had been busy…. …..but in the afternoon we didn’t see a soul. 

In the morning we passed a Roman milestone…..  

 ….and all day long we passed markers telling us how far from Santiago we are – to three decimal places!     

 In  the afternoon we got a peek of the sea as we wandered along discussing whether we would marry each other if we met now for the first time!   

Saw other good things too…. 


 Our perseverance at walking on was well rewarded.  A brand new albergue was just opened three weeks ago and it is wonderful! Big bunks, sheets, power points for all, fully-equipped kitchen, long dining tables, comfortable lounge, big windows, and wifi….but the connection is not the best and the pictures are not loading. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that four bottles of wine have been emptied tonight. Nothing to do with the four course meal we have just eaten. There are eight of us – Rob and me,  Art and Mike, two German girls and two South Korean – we have ended up staying together every night for the last few and tonight we cooked a massive feast together – I wish I could show you. Will have to wait until we get better wifi to add photos. Besides, it is very late and we have been talk-talk-talking all evening.    

And a few extra pics of the afternoon wander down to the sea….  



One thought on “Camino Portuguese XVIII 

  1. Made one comment which disappeared – maybe it will turn up. But it seems you have some convivial peregrinos travelling your way – that is good. Hope you are feeling better by now

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