Camino Portuguese XVII

  Goodbye Portugal, Hola Spain!

Goodbye cars racing fast, goodbye cobblestones, goodbye cornfields, goodbye custard tarts. Hola everybody greeting us, hola familiarity, hola empanada!  


We didn’t know if we would stop either in Valenca (Portugal) or cross the river into Tui (Spain). As it turned out….. 

  we crossed the bridge having had only a little look round Valenca…..



  ….and then we kept going. We were definitely in walking mode rather than wandering-and-looking mode.

The view from the bridge was quietly stunning:

   With stepping into Spain time moved back an hour so we decided we had time to press on another 17km to the next stop (which turned out to be faulty thinking as we actually lost an hour coz it jumped forward!)


  This included taking a riverside detour in an area where the locals don’t want you to take the detour because you won’t be able to stop at their bar. They have been vigilant at painting out the arrows with black paint, so we followed black marks for a while!  

  Some time later we came to another river versus industrial estate option and this time we made a poor decision! Let’s blame it on the heat or distance or something – the last 5km were a hard slog and when we finally arrived we had done over 30km. Art and Mike who we walked with yesterday and said goodbye to this morning, thinking we would not see them again, greeted us as we arrived at the albergue! They had been determined to take river options, but ended up with lots of industrial estate pictures to show us…..and subsequently were even less impressed than we were!

But no one can stay too grumpy with the “Happy” song chirping cheerily out of bars (just like it did on last year’s Camino) and having hot showers and bumping into new friends and finding wifi and chocolate muesli! (Although Rob is verging on frustrated after an hour of wifi-use trying to book trains to return to Lisbon in a week and having no success whatsoever! And to add to his happiness, we had the phone plugged in to a power point which was not working! Problems we are fortunate to have!!)

Question for the kids: what memories do you have of Spain?

PS Rob then spent another LONG time registering and playing with train bookings only to be refused!!!


4 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese XVII

  1. Sounds like one of those less memorable days – which will no doubt stick in your memories in spite of it! Hope you get your trains sorted out. BTW the od Fiat plus weeds sprouting in the kerbsides point to a less-than-prosperous neighbourhood?

    • Still mostly more prosperous than further north. That said, there are more homes for sale in Spain than Portugal (at least where we’re walking). Many homes are large and with cultivated ornamental gardens.

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