Camino Portuguese XIII

The nice thing about this route is that it seems it would be impossible to get lost. Someone with a lot of time and an interest in The Yellow Paint Company has done a very thorough job of applying arrows along the way.    And just in case you wonder about which way to take, crossses tell you where NOT to go…’s the other part of the intersection shown above: 

The not-so-nice thing about this route is the hard surfaces underfoot. Especially the cobblestones. They provide a good workout as you try to remain upright (and try not to leave your walking pole stuck in the gaps between them)….but when you are doing over 30km with a pack on your back you really don’t go looking for additional physical challenges!  Not that you have to look for the cobbles – they just turn up. Big ones, small ones, uneven ones, flat ones, rounded ones, all sorts. 

But it’s not all cobbles….




 Distinctive features of today include corn fields…..high walls enclosing fields  (and by “high” I mean 2–3  metres tall)…corn…eucalyptus and pine trees……upmarket homes with manicured lawns and clipped hedges and “styled” trees….fields of corn   

….grape vines  


 Tonight we are tired. We walked well, even if we did get a bit silly at one (late) stage, but it was a long day. We had been told this stage was 26km but our GPS reading was over 31km when we arrived, and it sure felt like it! Poor ol’ Rob thought we would never arrive!  He had good reason to want to stop – blisters on his little toes were growing despite expert taping. So when we did eventually get here, I went straight out again to find different medical supplies for him. Once that mission was completed, Mission Number Two was to find a supermarket to buy food.   More miles! Then just because we had not walked enough, we headed over to the market which only happens on a Thursday and we happen to have turned up here on a Thursday. It is the biggest market in Portugal, and indeed it is enormous.. Somewhat lacking energy, we simply skirted the edge of it and went and sat down inside a church (after pulling the handle right off the door as we entered!)

 Rob still had not had enough walking so we wandered the town until I knew I had only enough steps left in me to get back to the albergue! 47,011 so far today!

Question for the children: which of these two buildings is a monastery?(we stayed in it last night  — we are staying at the other one tonight) 

 And can you guess which beds go in which building? 



8 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese XIII

  1. Variety is the sspice of life, but I must say – the cobbles have real character! As for the puzzle: my guess iss the sinle sstory buiding goes with the parquet floor and

  2. I am almost beyond words with delight at finding you on the road again!! Happy Anniversary and congratulations! What an amazing and wonderful way to celebrate!! Will be following you with great care as I may be walking the Portuguese again in a year or so, with a group this time. Your blog is a balm for my sore soul, as my walk for this year had to be canceled. I’m sure there is a reason I’m meant to wait (not the least of with is grandbaby #5!) Bom Caminho!

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