Camino Portuguese XI

Porto central to Matosinhos – about 20km – early 30s  

The walking begins. We start at Porto’s cathedral, collecting our first stamp and finding the first arrows.   

A pilgrim’s life is simple – walk, food, lodging. And that sums up today.

It just so happens that the walking took us first of all to the wine caves and some port sampling 😉  (When in Rome……and when in Porto it would be culturally churlish to bypass an establishment that has been in existence since the 1500s)   

   Actually,  we had gone to the market on the way to the cathedral  and had bought provisions – cherries and two types of peach including our favourite flattos. There were plenty of other options too:   

     We passed on them all, even those massive buckets of olives, not long ago having had breakfast…..    

We sampled a Portuguese specialty for lunch. Francesinha could be described as a toasted sandwich on steroids, but that really would be doing it a great disservice. It is true, you do start with two thickly sliced pieces of substantial sourdough bread. Between them you layer slices of ham and salami and sausage and a pork cutlet. On top of the sandwich go many slices of a rich cheese which all end up melted together. Just in case this is not rich enough on its own, it is served swimming in a rich creamy tomato sauce!

After struggling our way through this delight, we thought we’d never eat again. But after a few kilometers of walking we refreshed ourselves with this: 

 Perhaps you will not be surprised to discover dinner was a simple affair – salad followed by yoghurt. 

 Oh, and there were some fantastic views too that feed the soul    


And eventually we ended up in tonight’s lodgings:  

  Question for the children:  how many cobblestones are climbing up this hill? 


4 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese XI

  1. How did you walk to Matosinhos ? Because following the waymarkers alongside the river and the ocean ,Matosinhos is 10 kms from the Sé cathedral
    Nice pictures. Recognisable and happy memories
    Bom caminho

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