Camino Portuguese IX

(Paris Airport – you can play Where’s Wally – or Robbie, if you like….you’ll only see his hair, an ear and his glasses arm peeking out from beside an elderly white-headed gentleman by the big column)

Lisbon must be one of the prettiest cities to fly in to at midnight! Little orange lights pierce the darkness, looking like a pointillist painting. The bridge spans the river in three pointillist curves, this time in white instead of orange. It looked like a sparkling diamond necklace draped across the darkness. Even to our tired eyes it was a visual delight.

Speaking of  twinkling and sparkling, we had flown out of Paris right on sunset – right over the Eiffel Tower, all lit up, twinkling and sparkling in glorious beauty. Equally glorious was the sunset itself. Paris spread out before us, dark charcoal punctuated by glittery lights….all the way to the distinct black line of horizon. There a cerise so deep it was almost red was painted across the sky, blending upwards into pumpkin orange, then fading into pale yellow which somehow morphed into pale blue. As we flew the blue canopy turned darker until eventually we were enveloped in velvet blackness. The lone bright star which had appeared before the sun had completely disappeared was joined by a myriad more. I thought of a line from one of the movies I’d watched en route – something like “take time to watch sunrises and sunsets”. Good advice, and particularly spectacular from the heavens. But even from the ground it’s usually simply a matter of perspective and having open eyes. I’m always looking for beauty, and one of the things I love about traveling is the way beauty is so easily found.
PS beauty was in short supply from Shanghai to Paris. We were encased in a speeding medical bullet. There was a constant cacophony of coughing and hoiking and sneezing and general throat clearing. And I mean constant. Take, for example, the lady across the aisle from us. She selected from that menu of sounds at least four times a minute for the entire 13+ hours we were on that plane! No exaggeration at all.

Question for the kids: what is the name of that first “star” that appears in the sky? Do you remember watching it at Rabanal?


8 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese IX

  1. Oh how poetic Rachael – all except the hoiking! I hope you two are well settled now and ready to walk. I had a wonderful six hours of walking in London yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

  2. Well I couldnt find Wally but I think I spotted a Rob look-alike stretched out with eyes shut – backing on to the frizzy-haired lady. Am I right? Loved your description but I’m going to have to look up pointillist!

  3. FYI, the “lone star” at sunset is actually not a star, but Venus. Looking quite bright and glorious now, isn’t it?! 🙂

    Extra bonus, the other “bright” star fairly near Venus that pops up is actually the planet Jupiter. The two are going to get closer and closer to each other as the month of June progresses.

    Enjoy your camino together! I’m looking forward to a few Porto pictures btw, it’s been high on my Europe list for awhile now.

    • That reminds me – I am doing (or meant to be) a question for the kids on each blog post and yesterday’s was supposed to be about the “lone star”. However, I did not know Jupiter would be getting closer- will watch with Yvette-like excitement!
      Better go and add my question.

  4. Haha yep, a bonus! 🙂 Extra tip: June 20 the crescent moon will be in the mix too. That is going to look amazing!

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