Camino Portuguese III

  So we’re about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!
We’re not going to ask you for a gift; in fact, we didn’t even ask for wedding presents!
We’re not going to throw a party, but we’re going for a walk.
And we are going to dedicate this walk to Kiva, an organisation that lends money to those who don’t have access to traditional banking so that they can improve their standard of living through further education or establishing a business or making home repairs or buying more capital for an enterprise they have already begun. We have been supporting Kiva for the past couple of years and have had a blast doing so. We have made 71 loans in 62 different countries. How exciting is that!
We would like you to share in the excitement, so we are going to ask you to LEND $25 to Kiva – you go to the website and choose the person or group of people you would like to assist. When they have repaid their loan (and so far 98% of people have repaid), you can get your money back. You don’t have to take it back – there is always the option to relend it if you prefer. We have paid $600 to Kiva – but the awesome thing is those few hundred dollars have grown to $1,850 worth of loans… far…..just by recycling the $$ as repayments come in.
If you’d like to join us, you can CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to our 25th Wedding Anniversary Campaign. We’re hoping 25 people will help us celebrate!! Will you be one of them?  


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