Refugees Walk VI / Camino Portuguese I

Big interruption to the Refugees Walk series……we’ll be back to that in a month.  But there is a new blanket.   Colourwise, it’s reminiscent of last year’s camino memory blanket. That’s because it’s another camino blanket! But instead of being created after the event, it’s all finished before we even go anywhere. It was made in a hurry – just like the decision to walk another camino!! Rather than having lots of ripples like the last blanket, this one has squares; instead of crossing mountains, we’ll be tripping over cobblestones.  The squares will also remind us of windows peeking out of Porto windows, buildings made of stones and tiled roofs.  There are crosses in this blanket too – we’ll be seeing wayside crosses and churches in abundance.  I’ll be taking photos of the moments and monuments that will hopefully become memories…..sunsets, forests, paths, the Atlantic Ocean, cathedrals and castles, bridges, arrows……memories already captured in the colours of the blanket. It’s edged with shells, the symbol of the Camino de Santiago.   Oh, and there is a heart too.
More details will follow <insert happy expectant grin>


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