Interrupting Refugees Walk updates….

Waving a big hi to the people I met at the home education conference today who asked for a blog address and were directed here…..a word or two of explanation would be in order.

This is the blog that is current. Right now I’m in the middle of a project making blankets for refugees who have escaped to Turkey from Syria….the previous few posts have been devoted to that (nothing to do with travel or kids or education at all). Prior to that was a series of posts on Oxfam’s 100km Trailwalker event which I entered earlier this year. If you’re looking for the posts about travelling with children, any under the category “2014 walk-for-water” will fit the bill. Alternatively, there is our first blog which included both our “Big Trip” (15 month overland adventure) and the seven-week Paris-camino-London-canalboat trip. These stories can be found here.
Finally, many years ago I started a blog about our education adventure, which is in a sad state of repair and requires a large amount of work, but I offer it here in case it helps someone even in the sorry state it’s in. I’m not sure about spending the time on it when there are already so many other good resources out there.

Was lovely to meet you all today – thanks for the kind words at the end of the workshop.


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