3 days to go

We’ve been back at Waitakere Hospital twice this week……not in an ambulance this time (if you peek into that ambulance in the photo above – taken in January – you’ll see our Grandpa lying in agony completely incapacitated and at that stage for no known reason)

This week’s hospital visits have been so encouraging – his bone graft is taking, his rods are all straight, his kidneys are accepting the four months (so far) of antibiotics (but there’s at least another 3 months to go), and best of all his CRP levels (those are the protein levels that indicate inflammation) are down to 2 (normal is 5 or less – when he was in that ambulance they were over 200!!)

Grandpa is walking 300 metres at a time now. This may not sound like much, but when I consider the effort that has brought him this far, I will be inspired when the going gets tough in my 100km. I’ll remember his tenacity, determination, insistence, perseverance, sheer pig-headedness and the grace that has brought him back from the brink of death.



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