19 days to go

IMG_3615 Just three weeks out from The Real Event, we thought our team walk should be not too far (38km by the time I got home), but suitably strenuous with a bit of climbing. It actually looks more impressive on the elevation picture than it felt climbing it – I guess that’s the reward for training! We have certainly done harder hikes – this one springs to mind: IMG_3616-0 And I’ve walked much farther. Check out the distance on this graph: See  that number on the x axis? 55km! Anyway, enough talk of our little graphs. I’ll just tell you about the big one before I go…..the big graph is the fundraising one. Thanks to your support we reached – and exceeded – our goal. Our team leader promptly moved the yardstick in a psychological move to not discourage people from giving (coz apparently people stop giving when you reach a goal). The Oxfam goal is $1million for this, the tenth Trailwalker anniversary – their graph is almost half full, so we’ll keep putting our goal up as people keep giving. You might even see us running a Mad Butcher sausage sizzle one Saturday morning. oxfam graphAnd one more big thank you to everyone who donated last week – it was great to reach our target and know that now we will be eligible to walk. Thank you.


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