26 days to go

IMG_3594Thank you – thank you – thank you!
To those who have given or promised to, I return an enormous heartfelt thank you. For me this walk is almost entirely about the money. That is to say, it’s not like last year’s charity walk that I would have happily done anyway even if we weren’t raising money. This one is different. It has taken me away from the family and other interests for whole days at a time, it has seen me crawling out of bed at 5am these past many weekends and walking in the dark alone which is not a favourite, it has involved sheer boredom of plodding on for another 20km when I’ve really had enough and don’t want to take another step and I rationalise that 30km is quite far enough.
I had no need to prove to myself that I could walk 100km in one hit. In fact, when our team leader took part in this event last year I remember thinking “I’ll sponsor you, but there’s no way I’d *do* the walk myself.”
Never say never.
I am passionate about using what I have to benefit those who have not had the same opportunities that I have….so when I was asked to walk and not just give this year, I couldn’t deny that I have legs and can walk….and Oxfam does good work with the poor.
Before I knew it I had tentatively and with great trepidation said, “Yes.”
Before too much longer I was declaring, “I’m only ever going to do this once!” Nothing has changed!
Not only have I found the commitment to be a bit too much, but I don’t like asking for money. Not a great combination really.
I’ve got one more big walk to do before training winds down a bit leading up to the event. And I’ll ask one more time if you’d like to make a contribution to our team. We need to have $2,000 on our team page by March 16 in order to be eligible to take part in the event (and having done all this training now it would be a pity to be disqualified at the start line!). We would like to see $2,000 as just the beginning – would you join us in making this a reality? You won’t even have to walk!!

Thanks again to those who have given, and if you’d like to, you can click right here and follow the instructions for online giving (alternatively, some people have handed us cash and we’ve forwarded it to our Oxfam page).

thank you

Last week’s training:
55km in one hit
other walking plans thwarted


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