33 days to go

Quite the urban adventure was Saturday’s team walk. An unusually high tide wiped out the path but didn’t deter us. May we be so determined at the real event.

It’s time to get determined with our fundraising too. Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $500 before the walk. Through a combination of giving Oxfam gifts for Christmas and donating the service fee from the organic food co-op I run and a generous donation from a neighbour, I have almost reached my minimum. Could I invite you to join in and help us help Oxfam NZ raise the million dollars they are hoping to this year? All funds raised will go to Oxfam’s vital work in reducing poverty and demanding justice for the world’s poorest communities.

If you would like to donate to our team. Poverty, Pleasure & Pain you can click right here. Or if you would like to pledge an amount, you could leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “33 days to go

    • Thanks Linda….if I had never seen your Waitakeres map with most of the tracks highlighted (all those ones you have walked), I would probably have never started doing the same thing and would not be here today! Thanks for being an inspiration.

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