47 days to go

IMG_3466It’s so good to be supported by a hubby who drags you out at all the times you just don’t want to go – after dark, straight after dinner, mid-afternoon on a holiday. And he walks faster, too, which is a training technique that is supposed to be good for you, but I can never bring myself to indulge in on my own because I like comfort too much.

I hoped his three drag-me-round-the-blocks (which were so much more fun because he came too) would set me up well for a second attempt at walking to the hospital and home again; this time there was no plan for a pick up in our van…it was walk home or settle down in a hospital bed. Thankfully it seemed to work. Just after completing the marathon-distance (42km) I started to feel a bit tired and then the last hill appeared. Rather than slogging up slowly, I heeded the hunger rumblings in my tummy and decided to see if I could push myself faster…..and succeeded.
The best news was I did not seize up over the course of the evening and was only mildly stiff the following day – nothing that an easy team walk in the dark with the rest of the team wouldn’t fix.

Last week’s training:
5.7km hilly, fast
7.8km hilly with Lanky Legs son too (I had to run at times to keep up)
9.2km pleasant walk, but still quicker than my usual
47.6km to hospital via Upper Harbour Crossing, lunch break with Grandpa, bus ride across Harbour Bridge, and walk home
9.7km night walk with the team

Week’s total: 80km


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