54 days to go

It is starting to become apparent that this will be the almost-training-less walk.
On Saturday I was aiming for 50km – it was going to be a joyous occasion of confirming I could at least complete half the course! I made it to North Shore Hospital, wet and after a couple of hours in the air conditioned environment also cold and bordering on miserable as one knee ached and the opposite calf spasmed with cramp.
The plan had been forRob to pick me up and drop me over the Harbour Bridge so I could continue my trek homewards. I never got out of the van!! (In hindsight, it would have been the perfect opportunity to trial our cramp solution – but I think the aircon may have frozen my brain cells!)
Then on Sunday there was a team walk. However, Monday was to be the first day of our academic studies and so it was suddenly a matter of urgency to complete some preparations – no walk for me.

Take home lesson: if you don’t walk for two weeks don’t expect to increase your distance, no matter how good the last walk was

Last week’s training:


3 thoughts on “54 days to go

  1. Clock it up as good experience. Nothing is ever wasted if you apply tithe lesson learned. My apologies for throwing such a huge. Spanner into your training schedule !

    • Never mind the Spanner – it has been a privilege to sit with you and help out where we can. Witnessing firsthand your perseverance and dogged determination has been inspirational.and simply *being* with you has been a special gift I will treasure.

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