61 days to go


When I joined this Oxfam team I looked forward to getting super-duper fit through an intensity of training I had never undertaken before.
I didn’t know I would spend every day of the first three weeks of this year at a hospital bedside. I didn’t know we would be hearing words such as “rare infection” and “difficult to treat” and “mortality rate” and “spinal surgery” and “significant risks” and “resuscitation”.
In light of these conversations the urgency to train diminished and I have walked nowhere beyond the well-worn track from car park to hospital ward.
It’s my father-in-law who has exerted enormous amounts of energy this week; his resolve has been inspirational.
“I don’t want to do this, the pain is unbearable, I’m scared of popping my stitches, I just don’t have the energy, but I’ll do it. Let’s get on with it.” And with grim determination, gritting his teeth and suppressing the groans, he dragged his body to a standing position for the first time in what seems like forever less than 24 hours after he had spent more than half a day under the surgeon’s knife. The next day he managed to shuffle alongside the bed.
The images of his resolve-in-action may well carry me further than any physical training I might have done. If I try half as hard as he has, I will finish well.


4 thoughts on “61 days to go

  1. He is truely inspirational. He does not need to use words, he is strong and brave and gentle and even when he is in incredible pain his beluef in a loving God shines through. We love you Joe. And Rachael your kindness and love for Joe speaks volumes too. No one could wisg for a more decited daughter in law.

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